Saturday, 29 December 2012

Happy gift

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Today I wanted to show you all a gift I received from my brother and his wifey. It's a Kikki K stationery set. The set includes a note pad, envelopes, stamp, pencil, stickers and of course the carry case. There was also a box of cute pens in addition to the set. I'm sure that this is from Kikki K's "Hapiness" collection. It sure does make me smile.

I'll be doing a weekly post of my FF week page in the new year. I know a lot of bloggers have this weekly feature and I love the idea so will be copying. To those bloggers who are already doing this please don't hate, imitation is a form of flattery!

I'm using Dodo Pad refills next year which is all very new to me. I'm not sure about some of the art work on the Dodo Pad...might need to make them prettier.

Anyway, have a great NYE everyone. Stay safe and I'll see you all in 2013.


Thursday, 20 December 2012

Its not about the money money money .....

Who else has their money disappear, then you try and retrace your spending to figure out what it was you actually spent it on? Sound all too familiar?

I decided that next year I will attempt to track my spending using these spare finance sheets. I must admit that I've tried to do this many many times before. I think I lasted a couple of weeks then got lazy. Now I need to monitor funds for myself, hubby and the two kids. This time I'm determined to make it work. 

I've tried to make the finance sheets a little less dull with some washi tape and I hope to color code the entries. Any ideas on how to make these sheets a little more fun....let me know!

I have also included a Chinese red pocket with these cute characters on it. This will sit behind my finance sheets and used to hold important receipts until they are filed. 

My Filofax Finance section is ready...I think this may be the busiest section of my planner!

A big shout out to my new followers!


Thursday, 6 December 2012

New monthly refills and cute stickers

First and foremost a big hello to our newest follower Crystal Charles! Welcome Crystal :)

While reading through the Philofaxy web finds recently, I found the Filofax Love blog run by Sachiko. She sells super cute refills and personalised tabs for Filofax. I recently bought the month to view on two pages for my personal Amazona. These refills are so cute. I also bought some diary stickers which are also gorgeous and match the inserts. In addition, they are hand made, a bargain price and shipping was super fast!

How cute are they?! Also, she sells personalised dividers for pocket size. The personal size dividers are in the making! Can't wait - may need to put on my christmas wish list. How I wish Sachiko made WO2P diary refills......*hint hint*


Monday, 3 December 2012

Dividers hacked

Recently I have been getting bored of my dividers. They are originally from Kikki K, grey in color, are pretty robust and have lasted me over a year.   I relabeled the dividers previously to reflect my requirements. 

I have been inspired by some of your blog posts on making your own. However, I can't find any paper that I particularly like and I wanted to continue using these as they are still in good nick. 

I found these foil embellishment stickers at a local $2 dollar shop. They weren't $2 but $2.50. Liars. Vent over. 

Placed the bigger stickers on each of the dividers and ...voila! My dividers have been hacked!

Simple, cheap and effective.


Sunday, 2 December 2012

The gift of giving .... A Filofax

I bought an unused black personal Finsbury on ebay just before I purchased my personal Amazona. I chose to use the Amazona. The Finsbury quickly became a storage folder.

My sister in law saw me using my Amazona and became interested. She currently uses - what looks like a slimline size - generic planner. The planner looked pretty beaten up and was far too small for what it contained. She asked me what I was using. So went on a long rant about the Filofax brand and how it's an investment and you get what you pay for - that is leather and quality!

She questioned me about my diary set up. I showed her the Dodopad and week to view by Kikki K. She preferred the week to view - I assume that she thought the Dodopad was "too busy".

Her birthday is also coming up and there and then I had a light bulb moment.

Sister in law's birthday + Spare filofax = Kick ass gift

So I bought Kikki K dividers and 2013 week to view refill. The paper is the same
as the FF cotton cream and the dividers consist of the following:

- Monthly View
- Weekly view
- Addresses
- Birthdays & Anniversaries
- Shops & Restaurants
- To do
- Websites

I went about my business and filled the planner. I added a few post it notes at the front and added a purple ink pen from my stationery stash.

Now who is the best sister in law right now? This gal *points to self*


P.S. I apologise for the poor quality pics. I'll try harder next time.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Thursday Thrifted Treasure

Today's item I found at a local op shop. It may have been at the Salvo's but not 100% sure.

It's a lovely black, hand beaded tunic top. The beading was what got me. It's divine.
The sleeves are sheer and are a little big I must admit. But I'll find a way to work it.

I payed more than I usually would for this item, AUD$21.99. It definitely was an op shop splurge!


Sunday, 25 November 2012

A bitter sweet farewell to my Filofax Topaz

I have officially moved into my personal Amazona.

Its the first time my first FF personal Topaz has been emptied. I felt a tinge of guilt putting my Topaz into storage after 6 years of use. I mean she is still in great condition given her age and rough handling.

So I offered her to my sister. 'No thanks. I have an iPhone' was my sisters' reply.

I offered her to a friend. 'No thanks. I have an iPhone' was my friends' reply.

Do they not know the privilege of using a Filofax?!

I offered my FF one last time to another friend. Her response 'I have a cheap diary I bought from Singapore but it doesn't really work for me. So yeah I'd love to try yours'. Eeeek she said yes!

My planning started. I showed her the WO2P and Dodopad set up. She has three kids so she thought the Dodopad would be more functional. Dodopad ordered and received. I had some FF dividers and inserts left over so I gave her those aswell. I placed a couple of sticky notes on her fly leaf, calendar stickers in the card pocket and added a black fountain pen and blue ball point into each pen loop. She was ready to go.

I handed my friend my basic fitted Filo. My Topaz is now on loan. A bitter sweet moment. But my first will be back home.......someday.


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Filofax - Personalised front page

A small project for me - to update my front cover of my FF.

I dug through my stationery to see what I could use. I love this Cristina Re baroque paper which I have had for years. It's pretty flimsy for its purpose so instead of laminating the cover I stuck it on thick black cardboard. The baroque pattern actually has a suede feel to it and I didnt want to lose that if laminated.

I placed my name and contact number in the frame. I also have my full info page behind this cover (in case I happen to lose or misplace my FF - my worst nightmare!). I don't like the idea of opening my FF and having all my private information displayed on the front page. My cover is simple and minimal but oh so pretty!

I'm also using the flyleaf to put a couple of "post it notes". These ones aren't very sticky so I had to stick them on with double sided tape.

I'm happy with the way it has turned out. Do you have a personalised front cover for your FF?


Saturday, 17 November 2012

Stationery purchase

I'm not sure about you but I love looking through brochures that come through the mail. It's "window shopping" without the need to leave your couch.

I'm sure most of you are familiar with Aldi and their weekly specials right? Anyway - this week they had Aldi branded gel metallic and glitter pens for sale. Ten pens in each packet for $1.49. What a bargain!

I bought a packet each - as you do when things are on sale - even if the colours were similar. Below is a picture of how the pens write, which I tested in my Filofax planner.

The metallic wrote well and looked lovely on paper. The glitter pens weren't so "glittery". You needed to look very closely to even see any hint of glitter. But for that price it doesn't really me anyway. Also, if you're wondering, I am currently using medium diary refills from Kikki K in cream.

Below is a picture of all the colours mixed up. I've also placed them in my Minnie Mouse mug - agift from a friend who has recently returned from their trip to Disneyland.

Have you ever found an stationery bargains at Aldi?


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Thursday Thrifted Treasures

Today I will show you a bag I thrifted a while ago. I love leather bags and I don't think the leather now are as good as the vintage ones. So whenever I go op shopping or visit the flea market, I will at least have a quick skim through the bags.

I found this vintage beauty a while ago at a local op shop. It's a lovely rich dark brown color with gold hardware. Inside is lined with a caramel velour material. The tag states " you now own a real leather handbag by NOVA" Made in Britain. Googled this brand and they are still around today!

The bag is in excellent condition. I assume only used a few times. The leather is so soft and I love the simple and basic design. Another thrifted treasure!


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Wallet move

Firstly a big shout out to my first followers Steve, Op Shop Mama and Cat!

Tonight I'm doing a quick post on my wallet move. I currently carry a bifold wallet given to me last Christmas. It hold loads and loads of cards and divisions. I used to carry a lot of cards - store cards, health cards, loyalty cards etc. I would also keep receipts  and other items just because I could and had the space for it. I did a huge clean out a few months ago but still find the wallet heavier than what I would prefer.

Anyway, whilst rummaging around my mum's stuff I came across this Coach wallet. It's pretty slim and doesn't have a coin pocket. I like! It's simple and has limited space. It will force me not to hoard. I'll be "borrowing" from mum.


Since the new wallet doesn't have a coin pocket - I have taken out from hiding my Oroton coin purse. Again - this purse can't hold much but suits me fine.  

Definitely a lighter load.


Thursday, 8 November 2012

Thursday Thrifted Treasures - Dresses

Thrifted Treasures will become a weekly feature on my blog. You see I love items  which are second hand. Whether I buy these items from thrift stores (op shops as Australians call them), garage sales, flea markets or hand me downs from relatives and friends. The adventure of hunting through the racks and piles of items then the thrill you get when you find something is priceless. Not only do I try and shop second hand for the sheer excitement but also to reduce my carbon footprint and to satisfy my frugal tendencies.

Moving on.

Today I visited one of my favorite Op shops. Church op shops run by little old ladies are becoming less common and has been taken over by places such as The Salvation Army (Salvos) and The Brotherhood of St Laurence. Nothing wrong with that as they all give back to the community. But there is something special with op shops run by little old ladies - don't you agree?

I didn't have much time to mosey around today. However, in the 8 minutes I was in there I found these two dresses. The first is a paisley maxi dress which is a great addition to my wardrobe for the coming summer. The second is a black tunic dress with a beaded neckline. I confess - I have a "thing" for  black clothing. No I am not goth or emo. 


Until next time....


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Christmas preparations

Who else is super organized this year and have started their Christmas shopping? I'm halfway there....I think?

I started buying gifts a few months ago for the kids. The young ones are easy - its the grown ups that  I find more difficult to purchase for, especially those who have everything. Do you know anyone who is extremely hard to buy for?

So what would I use but wouldn't necessary buy it myself *thinking hat on*
Movie tickets! All I need to do is write in the card and place the vouchers in the envelopes and I'm done. No fiddling around with wrapping paper or sticky tape - totally minimal effort. What a brilliant idea!


More names I can cross off my Christmas list. Have you started your list yet?


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Progress notes

The last week has been pretty hectic. I have been in and out of the hospital everyday visiting my little man in SCN. Everyday he continues to get stronger. 

I'm pretty useless at journaling but wanted to keep note of his progress. So I've been using my Filofax to do this. The main reason why I totally love the Filofax.......for it's flexibility! Time planner one week, my son's progress notes the next. 

It's amazing how far he has come in just seven days - he's a little trooper alright!


Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Surprise delivery

Over the weekend we had a surprise delivery. You see I was pregnant and in my 33rd week gestation.

My stomach started to hurt on Friday night which I thought was the cause of some bad Chinese takeaway. Wrong. The pain continued and Mr ML and I ended up at the hospital at 4am.

So on we went assuming that we would be sent home after being checked. Wrong again. After a few hours in hospital we were told "Darling, you are definitely in labour and having youre baby today". And so the pains exploded from there on *insert feral screaming here*. Then a few hours more and baby no. 2 was born. He's super early but a fighter.

Say hello to the big wide world Nathaniel.


Friday, 26 October 2012

My first Filofax - Topaz

My first ever Filofax still is a red beautiful personal size Topaz. She is almost seven years old. I used to leave my FF at home and used it as reference but the last few years, she has travelled with me wherever I go!

My FF has been through university, wedding preps, pregnancy and now trying to run a household with a growing family and business. The leather is wearing off around the corners - character building - but overall she is in great condition. Most of the time my FF shares space in my bag with keys, phone etc. Regardless, the leather on this beauty is damn durable and no problems with rings at all.

Currently using Kikki K medium sized refills but have used FF and Collins refills in the past. Wanting to try Dodopad but let me discuss that in a later post.

Love to decorate my pages - thanks to inspiration from other bloggers. However, I think I need to color code and my pages may be getting too messy at the moment. Still pondering on how to tackle set up in the new year. In the meantime, I'll keep it colorful and continue experimenting with stamps, stickers, post it notes and different pens.P

Here are a couple of pics of my current Topaz FF.

My first FF.

I made the front page with some scrap booking paper and sticker. Took me all of 5 minutes.
Keep some unimportant cards in the slots and paperwork in the pocket.

Here is an example of my week.  Yes - my weeks are usually  busy with lots of  reminders . Do you think it's a bit messy?

I'll be moving out of the Topaz soon into my Amazona. Will be lending my Topaz to a friend to use. I know she'll be in good hands....


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Filofax Personal AMAZONA!

Last week the lovely Imy from advertised her black personal AMAZONA for sale.  I was undecided about it but was sold after I couldn't find any on ebay locally.

It has finally arrived! (ok it only took 3 working days but felt like a lifetime)

So here she is....

A lovely message from Imy.
Beautiful right?
Just saying'
I'll post about set up later - I need to have a good think about it....
I just couldn't contain my excitement and needed to show 'n' tell!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Thrift haulage

Had to drop off donated goods at the local Brotherhood over the weekend and I obviously had a quick look around. I was secretly hoping not to find anything as

1. I don't need anything and 
2. I'm on an extremely tight budget at the moment. Hello - Christmas is around the corner!!

A quick scan around the store and here is what I ended up with.

Small wheelie bin - great toy storage for the little one

Naruto Japanese figurines - this was for Mr. ML who loves this anime

Sanrio stationery - will be using this as part of my Filofax 

Boho tooled leather bag - $8 score! This is practically unused.