Monday, 3 December 2012

Dividers hacked

Recently I have been getting bored of my dividers. They are originally from Kikki K, grey in color, are pretty robust and have lasted me over a year.   I relabeled the dividers previously to reflect my requirements. 

I have been inspired by some of your blog posts on making your own. However, I can't find any paper that I particularly like and I wanted to continue using these as they are still in good nick. 

I found these foil embellishment stickers at a local $2 dollar shop. They weren't $2 but $2.50. Liars. Vent over. 

Placed the bigger stickers on each of the dividers and ...voila! My dividers have been hacked!

Simple, cheap and effective.



  1. Beautiful job on the dividers and I love the calm classy colors you used!

  2. I love this idea!!! I have rather plain dividers as well which I've grown to like. It gives my Filofax an overall streamlined look. However, I wouldn't mind adding a bit of "jazz" like have. Your dividers look great and the gold(?) looks great against the gray.

  3. Love this, I didn't know kiki k stocked dividers, I don't like the idea of creating my own dividers as I really don't have the patients for it. I think I might pop into the $2 shop when I'm next out.