Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Surprise delivery

Over the weekend we had a surprise delivery. You see I was pregnant and in my 33rd week gestation.

My stomach started to hurt on Friday night which I thought was the cause of some bad Chinese takeaway. Wrong. The pain continued and Mr ML and I ended up at the hospital at 4am.

So on we went assuming that we would be sent home after being checked. Wrong again. After a few hours in hospital we were told "Darling, you are definitely in labour and having youre baby today". And so the pains exploded from there on *insert feral screaming here*. Then a few hours more and baby no. 2 was born. He's super early but a fighter.

Say hello to the big wide world Nathaniel.


Friday, 26 October 2012

My first Filofax - Topaz

My first ever Filofax still is a red beautiful personal size Topaz. She is almost seven years old. I used to leave my FF at home and used it as reference but the last few years, she has travelled with me wherever I go!

My FF has been through university, wedding preps, pregnancy and now trying to run a household with a growing family and business. The leather is wearing off around the corners - character building - but overall she is in great condition. Most of the time my FF shares space in my bag with keys, phone etc. Regardless, the leather on this beauty is damn durable and no problems with rings at all.

Currently using Kikki K medium sized refills but have used FF and Collins refills in the past. Wanting to try Dodopad but let me discuss that in a later post.

Love to decorate my pages - thanks to inspiration from other bloggers. However, I think I need to color code and my pages may be getting too messy at the moment. Still pondering on how to tackle set up in the new year. In the meantime, I'll keep it colorful and continue experimenting with stamps, stickers, post it notes and different pens.P

Here are a couple of pics of my current Topaz FF.

My first FF.

I made the front page with some scrap booking paper and sticker. Took me all of 5 minutes.
Keep some unimportant cards in the slots and paperwork in the pocket.

Here is an example of my week.  Yes - my weeks are usually  busy with lots of  reminders . Do you think it's a bit messy?

I'll be moving out of the Topaz soon into my Amazona. Will be lending my Topaz to a friend to use. I know she'll be in good hands....


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Filofax Personal AMAZONA!

Last week the lovely Imy from advertised her black personal AMAZONA for sale.  I was undecided about it but was sold after I couldn't find any on ebay locally.

It has finally arrived! (ok it only took 3 working days but felt like a lifetime)

So here she is....

A lovely message from Imy.
Beautiful right?
Just saying'
I'll post about set up later - I need to have a good think about it....
I just couldn't contain my excitement and needed to show 'n' tell!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Thrift haulage

Had to drop off donated goods at the local Brotherhood over the weekend and I obviously had a quick look around. I was secretly hoping not to find anything as

1. I don't need anything and 
2. I'm on an extremely tight budget at the moment. Hello - Christmas is around the corner!!

A quick scan around the store and here is what I ended up with.

Small wheelie bin - great toy storage for the little one

Naruto Japanese figurines - this was for Mr. ML who loves this anime

Sanrio stationery - will be using this as part of my Filofax 

Boho tooled leather bag - $8 score! This is practically unused.

Hello & welcome

Hello to everyone out there in blog land!

My name is Monica and I am starting this blog to use as my "creative" outlet. Ok - not sure if creative is the right word - maybe "show and tell" would be a better term.

You see I love buying things second hand, being thrifty, frugal, bargain hunting, my Filofax, stationery and organizing. At the same time I would love to live a minimalist lifestyle. However, this is seemingly impossible given my love of thrifting and collecting/ hoarding.

So really this blog will be about items that I've bought, what I'm up to and everything in between.

Hope you enjoy reading.