Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Hello & welcome

Hello to everyone out there in blog land!

My name is Monica and I am starting this blog to use as my "creative" outlet. Ok - not sure if creative is the right word - maybe "show and tell" would be a better term.

You see I love buying things second hand, being thrifty, frugal, bargain hunting, my Filofax, stationery and organizing. At the same time I would love to live a minimalist lifestyle. However, this is seemingly impossible given my love of thrifting and collecting/ hoarding.

So really this blog will be about items that I've bought, what I'm up to and everything in between.

Hope you enjoy reading.



  1. Welcome to the blog world. Can't wait to read your posts! Also, thank you for visiting my blog. =)

    1. Hi Jennifer - already a keen follower of yours! Thanks for popping by :)