Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Surprise delivery

Over the weekend we had a surprise delivery. You see I was pregnant and in my 33rd week gestation.

My stomach started to hurt on Friday night which I thought was the cause of some bad Chinese takeaway. Wrong. The pain continued and Mr ML and I ended up at the hospital at 4am.

So on we went assuming that we would be sent home after being checked. Wrong again. After a few hours in hospital we were told "Darling, you are definitely in labour and having youre baby today". And so the pains exploded from there on *insert feral screaming here*. Then a few hours more and baby no. 2 was born. He's super early but a fighter.

Say hello to the big wide world Nathaniel.



  1. Hello! Welcome to Blogland!

    And welcome to your gorgeous little guy - wow what a suprise! SO you'll be getting to know NICU right now. Hope it all goes well and you'll be back home with him soon.. Man I'm glad I never had any surprise deliveries - I would have been so unprepared!

  2. Hi OpShop Mama! Thanks for popping by and your lovely comment. I admire you being a mama to 5 kids plus running a wicked blog :)