Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Filofax Personal AMAZONA!

Last week the lovely Imy from advertised her black personal AMAZONA for sale.  I was undecided about it but was sold after I couldn't find any on ebay locally.

It has finally arrived! (ok it only took 3 working days but felt like a lifetime)

So here she is....

A lovely message from Imy.
Beautiful right?
Just saying'
I'll post about set up later - I need to have a good think about it....
I just couldn't contain my excitement and needed to show 'n' tell!


  1. Good luck with your new filo!
    I think she is amazing as well..
    Maybe I'll get a black amazona in A5. Unfortenately, i couldn't make the back zipped pocket work for me (personal size), but I have still a soft spot for the Amazona in Almond. Since I found her.. don't know what to do!!

    Greetz Lady Filo (

    1. Thanks Lady Filo!

      I love love the Amazona...very similar style to my current set up so hopefully I can just move straight in and put my feet up :)


  2. Beautiful! The Amazona is one of my favorites! Congrats

  3. Congratulations, the Amazonas are stunning :)