Sunday, 25 November 2012

A bitter sweet farewell to my Filofax Topaz

I have officially moved into my personal Amazona.

Its the first time my first FF personal Topaz has been emptied. I felt a tinge of guilt putting my Topaz into storage after 6 years of use. I mean she is still in great condition given her age and rough handling.

So I offered her to my sister. 'No thanks. I have an iPhone' was my sisters' reply.

I offered her to a friend. 'No thanks. I have an iPhone' was my friends' reply.

Do they not know the privilege of using a Filofax?!

I offered my FF one last time to another friend. Her response 'I have a cheap diary I bought from Singapore but it doesn't really work for me. So yeah I'd love to try yours'. Eeeek she said yes!

My planning started. I showed her the WO2P and Dodopad set up. She has three kids so she thought the Dodopad would be more functional. Dodopad ordered and received. I had some FF dividers and inserts left over so I gave her those aswell. I placed a couple of sticky notes on her fly leaf, calendar stickers in the card pocket and added a black fountain pen and blue ball point into each pen loop. She was ready to go.

I handed my friend my basic fitted Filo. My Topaz is now on loan. A bitter sweet moment. But my first will be back home.......someday.


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