Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Wallet move

Firstly a big shout out to my first followers Steve, Op Shop Mama and Cat!

Tonight I'm doing a quick post on my wallet move. I currently carry a bifold wallet given to me last Christmas. It hold loads and loads of cards and divisions. I used to carry a lot of cards - store cards, health cards, loyalty cards etc. I would also keep receipts  and other items just because I could and had the space for it. I did a huge clean out a few months ago but still find the wallet heavier than what I would prefer.

Anyway, whilst rummaging around my mum's stuff I came across this Coach wallet. It's pretty slim and doesn't have a coin pocket. I like! It's simple and has limited space. It will force me not to hoard. I'll be "borrowing" from mum.


Since the new wallet doesn't have a coin pocket - I have taken out from hiding my Oroton coin purse. Again - this purse can't hold much but suits me fine.  

Definitely a lighter load.


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