Sunday, 20 January 2013

Filofax week #3

Seriously, where does the week go? My week consisted of enrolling my son into child care and orientation, doing some business admin, calling job applicants and looking after my youngest. In between I tried to fit in as much exercise as I could and catch up with a few friends. As you can see I didn't even get through my goals or things to do. Husband, works long hours and unfortunately didn't get time for our date night. Next week looks even busier!

Where did those long lazy summers go?

I got my cute sticky notes and washi tape via eBay from an overseas seller. Dirt cheap as well...I heart eBay!



  1. I love your Effiel Tower Post it! So cute.

    I really love the Dodo pads, I just don't think I am busy enough to use it :(

    1. Go for it! The Dodopads are fun and you can always use the columns for anything you like.