Sunday, 13 January 2013

Filofax Week #2

First full week back at the gym so a bit sore! I can't believe how unfit I am...oh well something to strive for.

We had a family day out and went bowling. It was my eldest son's first time. To his credit, he got through 3/4 of the game until he got bored. My son is almost three. My other son slept most of the time we were out.

There was a kid's day before the Australian Open starts next week. My sister took my eldest son to see some of the tennis greats, Dora the explorer, Diego and Guy Sebastian. I stayed home with my youngest.

We also went trout farm fishing. Our eldest's first time to fish. He enjoyed throwing the bait into the water and reeling the fish in. I spent most of the day making sure he didn't fall in the water.

So a few firsts for our kids this week.

I did a lot of work from home (WFH), nursing, excercise and chores. But my planner didn't look all that busy on paper?! 


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